Separation of data storage, communication channels, and more

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Benefits and Challenges of Microservices

Before we dive into microservices best practices, however, we should first talk about some…

  • The ability to control network traffic through firewalls and port monitoring
  • Service and resource isolation, so that one…

Latency, traffic, error rates, and saturation

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A Quick Review: What Is a Progressive Web App (PWA)?

While a PWA can be used in a web browser like any standard web application, the PWA’s power comes from users being able to “install” the PWA to their desktop…

Background Jobs in Heroku with Azure Service Bus

Web applications are optimized for throughput and latency to service a high number of HTTP requests as quickly as possible. For improved performance, web applications defer the CPU intensive, IO intensive, time-intensive, and scheduled processing workloads to background jobs that run independently of the user interface. These background jobs must function without intervention from the user interface and should not block a synchronous user and system interaction. Offloading slow and compute or memory-intensive activity to background jobs improves web applications’ performance and throughput.

Getting Familiar with New Web Standards

You might already know that frontend development requires just three technologies upon which the entire web is built: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In the not-too-distant past, the feature set of these standards lagged behind the functional wishes of developers and designers. They couldn’t build the web sites they wanted to build with the tools they were given. To work around this, several independent teams each devised their own frameworks to supplement what was officially supported by browsers.

What is RedwoodJS?

RedwoodJS is a full-stack, serverless JavaScript framework. It is the JavaScript answer to Rails or Django. It uses the Jamstack approach to build an application with both front-end and back-end code. It also uses popular frameworks and libraries to accomplish this:

  • GraphQL
  • Prisma


As a full-stack developer who often takes on DevOps and infrastructure responsibilities, the following happens all too frequently.

  • <skip the prereqs because who needs those, follow the instructions, hit an error>

Use Kong for web app deployments

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